Roel van den Broek
Photography & Drawings

I picked up my ballpoint last month and I made a few more drawings for an art show in my hometown's oldest pub. The works have been shown for a month, which of course was very nice.

It's been a week since I came back from Zambia. I stayed mainly in the northern region for a month. I have a lot of photos to select, but today I already uploaded the Chilonga football team series.

Last weekend I had the chance show some of my new work in an a lovely private art show. It was a big surprise to many of the visitors that I didn't show photos but drawings instead. I had a lot of positive reactions to it, but the most important thing is that I fell in love with drawing all over again.

Check out "Toanga" for the latest drawings. Also the older project named "Seaweed" is back in the portfolio.

I came across a wonderful Māori saying:

He toi whakairo
He mana tangata

Where the arts flourish
There is human dignity

Recently came back from Aotearoa(New Zealand). I have spent more than two months there, meeting wonderful people, learning a lot about the most impressive Māori culture, spending time in the great outdoors and ofcourse taking photos of the journey. Soon to be published.

I also added a section for landscape photography.

Kickboxers project is published.

New and improved website is fully functional. No more clicking but simple scrolling left and right.